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Discovered in a Box of Baubles - "Together"

Merry Christmas to all those in the ProsFic universe.  Here is my Christmas present to you all. Hope you enjoy it.


Bodie frowned. It was supposed to be their first Christmas “together”, but they weren’t. Together that is. He considered that thought as he got out of the car and locked it. They had been together since they were first partnered. Even over Christmas, they always found some time to spend together, negotiating space around work, family and birds to exchange small gifts and more importantly       some small measure of time. Is that where it started? From together to “together?”

He put that thought aside as he entered and browsed the aisles of the market. For no rational reason he could think of, he was looking for food to celebrate Christmas. Alone was what he was, but that was not how he was shopping.

This was not what they had planned at all, but when their case suddenly came to a       head last week, it found Bodie in Dover and Doyle in Scotland, to see it through. Bodie’s end had come to an abrupt conclusion just hours ago, but still no word from Doyle on when he would make it home. But there was no chance it would be tonight – Christmas Eve..

And likely no tomorrow either. Bodie sighed as he finished his shopping and       headed for home. He had enough food to feed an army for Christmas, but  no-one at home to share it with. Well it was home when Doyle was around. Now…….

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Discovered in the Yuletide Spirit - "Pint of the best"

Bodie let Murph lead him into the pub.  His mind was whirling, oblivious to his surroundings, until he felt a cold nudge against his hand.  "A pint of the best," Murphy pointed out softly, "get it into you."  Bodie first shook his head, this was not how he had planned to spend his Christmas, but then he lifted the glass to his mouth and drank half of it without thought.  Then his brain did kick in.  "Pint of the best" his mind scoffed, "I had that the other night". His musings continued although all Murph could see was a blank stare. "I had that the other night" he thought as he remembered his amazing night with his partner.  "Doyle" he whispered to himself softly, eyes glazing as he desperately fought tears.  Tough men didn't cry, not even tough men whose partner and lover was missing.......

Bodie tried to shy away from that line of thinking as he further drank his "Pint of the best", even noticing distractedly that Murph was looking everywhere but at him.  Of course it was all uncomforable.  Not knowing, but was that worse than knowing the truth - when the truth could mean.........

He slammed down on that thought as he slammed the now empty glass back down on the table and stood.  Murph fliched at the sudden action but held fast as the full force of Bodie's glare was turned on him.  "What are we doing here," Bodie demanded, "we should be out there..........".  He trailed off, not knowing how what he wanted to say about his partner and "out there".

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They Bend – a story for “Discovered on a Midnight Clear”.

The wind tore through him as he raced through the deserted streets – snow whirling in flurries like mini tornadoes, battering his face, making it difficult to see, let alone catch their quarry. Markham was a nasty drug dealer who preyed on the young and immature, and who had somehow managed to evade the noose as CI5 has surrounded his base of operations. Only luck and his partner’s eagle eyesight had picked him up as he escaped on foot. Bodie lost track of his partner in the blinding snow and only the sound of pounding feet kept him on the right track.

Bodie blinked to clear his eyes and then there was no time and he had run into his partner, recognised by his plaid jacket, nearly flipping over the top of him as they collided.

“Ooof. Doyle, what the hell?” Bodie proclaimed, taking a moment to catch his breath and exclaiming his confusion and aggression in that one quick question. With adrenaline coursing through his veins after the long chase and the cold suffusing his bones, he had no patience and moved to take up the chase again, when he realised that things were not well with his partner.

Doyle was still bent over, snow soaking him and the water dropping like small waterfalls from his hair, whilst also gasping for breath. As Bodie moved forward to check on his partner, he also noticed their quarry, lying at his partner’s feet. Impressed despite himself, Bodie was about to make a rude comment about being unfit, when Doyle bent even further, and slowly crumpled across their quarry, without a sound.

He landed face up and Bodie was horrified to see an evil looking knife protruding from his partner’s shoulder, his blood mixing with the snow and rolling down his partner’s arm to pool on the mushy ground. Quickly grabbing his RT and calling for assistance, he slowly and gently moved his partner away from it’s unexpected resting place, taking great care not to touch or move the knife.

A quick glimpse at Markham noted him laying still on the ground, with his head at an unnatural angle and his eyes seeming to look beyond this world, to who knew what. Bodie didn’t care to imagine and he wasn’t about to have his partner viewing the same sight either.

He quickly grabbed the jacket and jumper from the dead man, carefully wrapped the knife wound and placed the jacket around his partner and the wound, in a small attempt to keep him warm. Lifting Doyle’s head off the cold, hard, ground, he laid it to rest again on his lap and grabbed Doyle’s hand on the uninjured side – hoping that some of his limited body warmth would also help. Leaning his head over his partner, to try and keep some of the worst of the weather away from the pale, still face, Bodie began muttering quietly to his unconscious friend.

“Wow, Ray, you really did it this time,” he started. “You took him out, but you were supposed to do that before he got you.” Bodie took a breath as his voice faltered and threatened to stop altogether. The sound of sirens and the call of his name drew his attention for a moment, but he quickly returned to his partner’s face when he felt his partner’s return to consciousness.

“Ray, Ray, hold still”, he urged his partner, as wild eyes sought something to help him centre. His partner’s voice did the trick, until the pain washed over him like a tsunami, taking him down again into the cool, welcome dark.

Bodie’s panic increased dramatically as he frantically sought his partner’s pulse. Finding it regular, if not strong, he looked up to find the paramedics approaching quickly. “He’s alive” he gasped out, before he gave way to them, his hand being drawn from his partner’s still one with great reluctance.

The paramedics moved quickly to get their patient stabilised for transport and Bodie joined them in the ambulance, only then realising that he had spoken and been spoken to by his boss and others and not being able to remember a word that was said. As the ambulance moved, Bodie barely heard the sirens wailing, hunched over his too still partner, willing him to open his eyes, willing him to stay with him…….

It was taking too long, Bodie thought as he continued to pace the length of the corridor. He had been banished at the doors to surgery and he was left to pace and worry. His frustration and anger and worry built with every step, until he was ready to take out the building if he didn’t get some news soon. So immersed in his own thoughts, he didn’t hear anything until he turned and nearly ran into the surgeon. He stopped, his eyes wide and filled with fear.

“He’s going to be OK,” the surgeon spoke to the concern coming out of Bodie’s every pore. “He lost a lot of blood, but it didn’t hit anything vital, so he’ll be fine.” Bodie nearly collapsed, so complete was his relief. “What will his recovery time be?” asked a familiar voice behind him. Bodie turned, shocked that he hadn’t heard his boss approaching either.

The surgeon also turned. “He’ll be out of recovery in a couple of hours and then here for a few days for monitoring. Then home with a sling for two weeks – as long as there is someone to look after him?” He addressed the question to both men. “Yes, of course” from Cowley was echoed with vehemence by Bodie, whose look told his boss that it was Bodie’s job – come hell or high water.

Doyle moved restlessly. Something was wrong. He was in pain, which if he thought about it wasn’t too unusual, but he couldn’t move his arms and nothing felt familiar. After opening his eyes slowly and blinking to clear them, all was made clear. At least where we was, and the how was coming back to him now too.

Looking down at his arms, one was tightly bandaged and in a sling close to his chest, which at least reassured him a bit about the thumping pain he could feel in that shoulder. The other attached him to various machines and fluids, but most importantly, attached him to his partner. It was dark in the room and his partner was asleep with his head on Doyle’s lap, with his hand firmly wrapped around his partner’s.

Doyle watched him for a while, with a small smile – noticing the handsome features at rest, but also noticing the new worry lines and paler that usual skin. “Must have been bad” he thought. A tentative squeeze of the hand in his, brought Bodie up fast, blinking his own eyes as he woke from his sleep. “Hey” Bodie said sleepily, “you’re back.”

“Can’t keep a good man down” Doyle replied with a small smile. Bodie smiled in return. “I plan on making a down man good” he replied which caused Doyle to snort and then wince in pain. “Hey” said Bodie as he stood up to assist his partner past the pain, “don’t make my job any harder that it has to be.”

Doyle took a deep breath and settled again, much more comfortable now he knew he was OK and his partner was with him. He smiled. “Your job is hard?” he questioned, “what about my job – having to feed you, care for you, cover for you…..” “Cover for me” Bodie retorted with a broadening grin, “more like the other way around.”

Cowley moved away from the door to Doyle’s room as the argument continued on behind him. He wasn’t worried. His men might bend, but they never broke, not while they had each other.

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Rayless Sun

Title:Rayless Sun

Author: tango65

Wordcount: 1396


Posted to Discovered in a Live Journal - for the Discovered in a Bleak Midwinter challenge.

The sun was a round ball behind the veil of clouds that covered the city. It didn’t give much light and definitely no heat. It was rayless, like he was the moment. Bodie snorted as he raced down the stairs to the Capri. He was definitely missing the heat in this bleak midwinter, both types – ray and Ray.

Doyle had been undercover, which was torture enough when they were separated for any length of time, but he had just missed his last two check-ins, which was beyond what the Geneva Convention allowed for worried partners – way beyond the bounds of allowable torture. Fortunately for Cowley though, he decided to send Bodie to investigate the whereabouts of his errant partner – announcing this just in time to stop Bodie exploding in his office.

Leaving rubber behind, the Capri slewed out of the car park and headed for the pub that Doyle was using as his regular as a dock worker. Fortunately, it was one that Bodie was already known in, having laid the groundwork for himself in the past few weeks. That rayless sun haunted him as he drove, leaving him driving through gloom and drizzle. His imagination ran with the image, taking him on a journey to a rayless future. He pushed the car harder, willing it to get him there sooner, faster, before……….

He clamped hard on that thought at the same time he clamped on the brakes. It would do no-one any good if he screamed up to the pub and then raced in like a madman. Cool, keep it cool. Exactly as he told his partner to be. Except that boat sailed a long time ago. He wasn’t cool when it came to his partner and hadn’t been for a long time. The sun may be rayless, but he wasn’t going to be – he needed that sun, that ray, that sunshine….

It was a different man who walked into the pub. A casual onlooker would look up and then go back to their beer, but someone who knew what to look for would see past the ease and find a man on a mission. Bodie was good at casual, but he was far from it. Every sense was open to finding out something about his partner. If it was just a glitch in the reporting schedule, he knew Doyle would kill him if he blew the op by coming in heavy-handed.

He soon found out it was more than a glitch. The pub gossip, a weasely little man with nothing better to do with his time than drink too much and talk even more, fairly jumped him when he walked in the door.

“Have you ‘eard?” he gushed over Bodie, who faltered as a gust of alcohol-drowned breath blasted him. A deep breath over his shoulder gave Bodie a chance to recapture his balance and some slightly fresher air, in preparation to elbowing past the man and to a free table he sighted at the back of the bar. Before he could move though, the drunk continued.

“Dat guy you talked to – the one wif da hair” he slurred all over Bodie, “he’s a cop!” This last part was said with a stagger as the drunk leaned in to speak confidentially, only to find that Bodie had stepped back. Bodie was secretly stunned, but kept his cool and asked indifferently “So I guess he got what he deserved then”, dreading the answer he was sure would follow.

The drunk shrugged, again knocking himself off balance, before recovering and continuing. “Dunno. But I ‘ear that he’s not well and not long for this …..” he replied with a sweeping arm that managed to knock the beer out of another patron’s hands. Said patron was not happy and grabbed the drunk, beginning an all-in brawl which Bodie ignored, whilst pondering the truth of what was shared.

He knew the truth when he heard it, even when it came from a drunk, so the problem was what to do next? Whatever it was, he had to do it soon, or his world would be rayless for good – nice weather or not.

With the pub in uproar, it was easy enough for Bodie to sidle out surreptitiously and race back to his car, where he checked in with HQ. A few minutes later and with a suspected location for the gang that Doyle had infiltrated clearly in mind, the car screeched out onto the road, in a desperate race against the clock.

Reason won over as he approached the grungy warehouse. Going in all guns blazing could get his partner killed, if he wasn’t already…… Bodie quickly clamped down on that thought …. no way he was ready to consider that, no way at all. Parking the Capri a few buildings away, he stealthily made his way to the best vantage to view the target building. Making a fast assessment of the entrances and vantage points, he pinpointed the best entry point and made it there quickly, quietly and unobserved.

The empty space where glass had once been, gave both a good insight into the building and no barrier to a fast and quiet entry. Seeing only boxes piled high just inside, he quickly gained entry and using this screen, moved along silently to a point where he could clearly see the rest of the warehouse.

When he first saw a body on the ground, he had to stifle the impulse to run over and check. Further visual scans into the gloomy interior resulted in the discovery of more unmoving bodies – three, four, five and no other sign of movement.

Deciding it was worth the risk, Bodie stepped out onto the warehouse floor proper, whilst also drawing his gun and was just able to recognise that none of the bodies were his partner when a voice came out of the silence. “About…… bloody……. time…….”

On the first intake of breath, Bodie had turned to face the other end of the boxes, with his tringer finger tensed to shoot. There, sprawled on the floor with his back slumped against said boxes was his Sunshine. Simultaneously, the sun broke through the gloom and shone a light on the warehouse floor, which gave Bodie a clearer picture of the situation, even as he re-holstered his gun.

Doyle looked terrible. He had been badly beaten, looked exhausted and was holding himself carefully. Breathing was an effort for him and Bodie quickly recognised that his ribs were dodgy, but Doyle’s injuries appeared more uncomfortable than a threat to life. After quickly checking the five bodies sprawled around the warehouse and discovering they were no threat, he moved to his partner’s side, whilst checking in and calling for an ambulance. He shook his head in disbelief as he moved – battered and bloody, but his sunshine still took out five men!

A broad grin crossed his face as he crouched beside his partner, and ran a finger gently down the side of his face. “What’s all this then?, he said with a cheeky lilt, “here I am missing you and you’re off having fun with other men.”

Doyle took a careful breath, not moving too much, but managed to gasp out “What … do … you…. Expect? …. You…. weren’t….. here ….. to …… party….. with.” A cough then caught him by surprise and he rolled onto the floor in agony, Bodie’s grin disappearing in the wake of his partner’s pain. A soothing arm stroking down his back helped Doyle to move past the pain, as their backup and the ambulance arrived.

Bodie stood up to give the ambulance crew room to move, but did not get far as Doyle grabbed his arm. “Don’t go” he gasped. “Not going anywhere” Bodie replied fiercely. The ambulance crew quickly assessed Doyle’s injuries and prepared to take to him to hospital. As Cowley arrived on scene and demanded a report, Bodie quickly brought him up to speed, never letting go of his partner’s hand, as they walked to the ambulance.

Once safely ensconced in the back with his partner and on their way to hospital, he was surprised to hear the ambulance man say “Nice to see the sun out, after all that gloom.” “Yes”, Bodie replied, with his eyes never leaving his lightly dozing partner, “but even without, I have all the sunshine I’ll ever need.”

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The Fortnightly Obbo Challenge #140 - Uniform - "Out of uniform"

They had played these roles before. Uniformed officers, seeking an unlikely and unwilling assistant in a wide-ranging sting. It had worked. But only because they were brilliant.

Now they were back in uniform again. But this time it had nothing to do with a sting, or in fact any type of obbo or raid. Or anything to do with CI5 or police work at all. And they were still brilliant.